Y MOVE - Calisthenics FUNdamentals

Ages 13+ Beginners, Multilevel. Save 60% OFF regular class prices during Festival.

Exercise does not need to be very complicated. Using our own bodyweight, a few simple apparatuses, combined with a few movements, one can easily get a great full body workout. In this calisthenics fundamentals class, we guide you in using your bodyweight through a range of push, pull, core, leg exercises, and also to do a handstand. This class focuses on helping you build strength, improve your form and perfect your technique, as well as to give you a great workout.

Singapore Calisthenics Academy was founded in July 2014. The spaciousness of the gym comfortably fits a class of up to 15 students. Our training rig is specially designed to cater for a wide variety of progressions of different exercises aimed at the learning benefits of our students. We have plenty of equipment such as free weights, paralletes, dip belts and many more that are utilised to provide specific trainings and a wider variety of exercises and challenges. We focus primarily on improving your foundation and building muscular strength.

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Fidrishah, Founder & CEO Singapore Calisthenics Academy
The main founder and thought process leader behind Singapore Calisthenics Academy.
Tracing back to 2011, Firdaus began his Calisthenics journey. With a great intention to spread the word of Calisthenics training, together with a team of friends, they founded Singapore Calisthenics Academy in 2014. Firdaus has a great deal of experience in coaching as his days of training various individuals began back when he was serving in the Navy as a physical training instructor. Having explored most of Calisthenics training, Firdaus now focuses on teaching and perfecting the art hand balancing.
He has been teaching in TripleFit Singapore since November 2016.
As a student of a world-renown arm balancing artist, Firdaus is a firm believer and practitioner of gymnastics and movement training. His favourite quote is “Rebuild hope and plant a seed in their hearts, guide others and maybe one day you could inspire someone to make that change for the better”.
Jasen Teoh, Head Coach Singapore Calisthenics Academy
With great passion for Calisthenics, Jasen has been practicing since 2012. With up to 5 years of training, he also began coaching in the early days of Singapore Calisthenics Academy. With the theoretical knowledge obtained from a degree in Sports Science and Management at Nanyang Technological University, Jasen puts it to practical use in structuring the right program for his trainees. Sharing the same vision with his friend, Elliot, Jasen is one of the founders of a community-based Calisthenics group named Unreal Physique. His intention for founding the group involves bringing a community together to learn, train, and have fun. With a strong belief of proper progressive training, Jasen aims to guide and educate his trainees to train in an effective and safe manner.


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Aug 4 - Aug 5, 2018
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